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For US Auto Dispatch to maintain it's good name in the auto transport
industry as a place where brokers can call when they want the job done
right, US Auto Dispatch requires it's contract carriers  to uphold the
following standards:

--we won't lie to you or for you and expect the same from you.

Check calls
--at least daily. If you don't actually speak to us, leave a
message. If we don't know where you are and what you've loaded or
unloaded, we can't keep you loaded effeciently. Communication hurts our
reputation and will affect us getting loads for YOU.

Calls to customers
--call them when you get the order to confirm it's a
"good" order and to give them a rough estimated day for pick up. If you wait
'till the last minute and it's not a "good" order,  it may not be possible for us
to find a replacement. The same for delivery--call ahead to set up, especially
if there's a COD and you don't want to wait for the customer to try to get
their money.  It's absolutely necessary to call by Friday if you're doing a
weekend pickup or delivery.  The same goes with holidays, call ahead or
you may have to wait.

No "foul language"--
to the customers, to Brokers (if you should have to call
them), and to US Auto Dispatch. The sign of a professional is using proper
language to express himself, especially in difficult situations.

Other Requirements

5 car (minimum) carrying capacity
Federal MC number & DOT number
Minimum cargo insurance requirements for open transporters--
     5 car capacity $150,000
     6-10 car capacity $250,000
Minimum liability insurance requirements -- $1,000,000
Proper Bills of Lading with Condition Reports -- we can help there or you
may choose to use Super Dispatch
Cell Phone, a major credit card, running money--all orders are not C.O.D.
Ability to recieve Email so you can receive your orders from us
English speaking (It's the only language we know)

These are the basics, if you can't accept them, then you won't be able to be
part of this team, but thanks for your interest in our site.
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