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US Auto Dispatch is a Dispatch Service  US Auto Dispatch finds auto dispatch loads  US Auto Dispatch becomes your personal dispatcher  US Auto Dispatch becomes your dispatch office
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Having a hard time keeping your truck loaded?

Is constantly looking for orders taking up all your off duty time?

Did another carrier get an order you wanted, because you were busy driving, instead of searching for your next order?

Maybe your spouse or family doesn’t have the time to find your loads or maybe they're just tired of it!

We find the loads for you

We build your loads by searching for orders that will work together on routes you prefer to run

We set you up with the brokers

We Invoice brokers for billings as you deliver their orders

We have the time to look for the loads

We don’t have to drive hundreds of miles a day

We don’t have to load and unload cars

We're sitting in front of the computer looking for your loads

And, . . . We’ve Done It All,

We've driven the carriers and hauled the cars, so we know what it takes!

Save Time -- Make More Money

Our service actually pays for itself by finding you orders that you would have missed by trying to do all the work yourself!

Let  US Auto Dispatch dispatch YOU!
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Connecting Loads to Trucks
Connecting Loads to Trucks